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Voici un des 32 profils prévus : Le "Schwartz 5", voici les suggestions qui m'ont été données par le rédacteur et son conseillé :

Profiles' caption:
Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4/Z, coded ‘Black 5’, flown by Oblt. Anton Hackl, Kapitän of 5./JG 77, Kastornoje, Soviet Union, end of July 1942.

Remarks for the profile:

- the aircraft has armored glass plate fitted to the front of the windscreen

- RLM 78/79 low demarcation tropical camouflage modified by dense overspraying the fuselage sides with RLM 70 or 74, and applying patches of RLM 70 or 74 onto the upper surface of the wings (like on JG 3 aircraft from previous LuGa), note the upper wing tips overpainted with RLM 70 (they were white previously)

- propeller spinner painted in factory scheme (2/3 RLM 70, 1/3 white), with red tip

- yellow oil cooler cowling

- yellow under wing tips – broad, extending to the under wing crosses

- yellow fuselage band, painted aft the fuselage cross (see scan0051)

- II./JG 77 emblem on the fuselage side, ahead of the cockpit

- black ‘5’ marking with white outline

- black horizontal Gruppe bar with white outline, aft the fuselage band

- black swastika with white outline

- 92 victory bars on the rudder, all white except from the 48th bar which is black with white

outline. The bars are painted in 8 rows:

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